LOTION ASTRINGENTE (B) - FACE - 12 x 3ml ampoules

LOTION ASTRINGENTE (B) - FACE - 12 x 3ml ampoules

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Astringent and firming serum for the face, neck, bust. Suitable for all skin types.

Using this Product:

Use daily, morning and evening. Apply to clean skin and massage gently until absorbed. Can be used alone as a 24 hour serum or before a Yellow Rose cream or mask.

Main Ingredients:
Zinc sulphate Effective skin astringent. Witch Hazel distillate A natural refresher and a gentle astringent, known for shrinking skin pores. Menthol Derived from peppermint with cooling, refreshing and toning properties. Aloe Vera gel Moisturising, anti-inflammatory, wound healing and skin repairing factor. Allantoin Nourishing, soothing and healing factor. Helps restore damaged skin and has anti-inflammatory properties. Lavender essential oil An essential oil with potent antiseptic, refreshing and anti-inflammatory properties. Ethanol (Alcohol) Mild astringent with refreshing effect.