CREME HYDRATANTE NORMALISANTE pour peaux grasses - 50ml

CREME HYDRATANTE NORMALISANTE pour peaux grasses - 50ml

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Moisturising cream specially formulated for oily skin types.

The active natural ingredients and special microspheres help normalise the sebaceous secretions of the skin, leaving it fresh, clean and matte.

Ideal for young skin. Can be combined effectively with the other Yellow Rose Acne-prone and Oily Skin Treatment products.

Using this Product:
Apply to clean skin, morning and evening. Massage gently until absorbed.
Main Ingredients:
Special normalising microspheres They absorb excess surface skin oil and sebum secretions, regulating the epidermis. Myrrh extract Aromatic gum resin extract from Commiphora Myrrha tree, possessing astringent, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties. Burdock extract (Arctium lappa) Purifying extract used in mild acne treatments as it normalises oil production and exhibits small antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. Watercress extract (Nasturtium official) Regulates skin oiliness and moisturises. Betula alba extract (Birch leaf extract) Extract of birch tree leaves. Nourishing, calming and with wound healing properties. Thyme extract With antiseptic properties, suitable for acne prone skin treatment. Salicylic acid micro-exfoliation and cellular renewal action. Removes dead cells clogging the follicle. Zinc oxide Mild astringent and has sedative properties. Ichthammol (Ichthyol) A Bio-Sulfur liquid substance. The organic sulphur compounds (bio-active Ammonium Sulphoichthyolicum) are obtained from the distillation of oil shale. Oil shale is a natural, organic fossil material that has been created in the earth’s layers from seaweeds, pollen and ferns. The effect against acne is based on the content of sulfide-sulfur, that has a fungicidal effect. Allantoin Nourishing, soothing and healing factor. Helps restore damaged skin and has anti-inflammatory properties.