BODY OIL with essential oils SPICY - 200ml

BODY OIL with essential oils SPICY - 200ml

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BODY OIL with essential oils SPICY

Softening body oil with natural essential oils (Ginger, Clove, Zedoary). 

Suitable for professional calming and slimming body massage and daily body care. 

Easily applied to the skin for a light, even glide and smooth workability. Leaves the skin and senses revitalised.

Using this Product:

Use as required. Apply to clean skin and massage. Can be used together with Herbal Body Pouches.
WARNING: Due to the high content of essential oils it is recommended to avoid use during pregnancy, sunbathing and on skin types sensitive to essential oils.
Main Ingredients:
A mixture of essential oils (Ginger, Clove, Zedoary), Herbal extracts (Ivy and Seaweeds), natural oils, pharmaceutical grade Paraffin Oil, Soy Lecithin and Salicylic acid derivative.