BODY SCRUB - 250ml

BODY SCRUB - 250ml

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Body scrub gel with fresh and revitalizing scent.

Ideal for body treatments.

Cleanses and purifies the skin by removing dead cells and impurities. Prepares also the skin to receive the active ingredients of body slimming and firming products.

Using this Product:

Use 2 to 3 times per week. Apply to clean skin and massage with gentle circular movements. Remove the remainders with water. Can be combined effectively with the other Yellow Rose Body Care products.

Main Ingredients:

Exfoliating micro-granules Biodegradable fine micro-beads for body exfoliation. Chamomile oil Used for its skin conditioning, soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. Jojoba Oil Jojoba is a liquid wax highly penetrating and closely resembling human sebum. Emollient and moisturiser, soothes and treats damaged skin, leaving a non-greasy after-feel. Allantoin Nourishing, soothing and healing factor helps restore damaged skin and has anti-inflammatory properties.